Skin Care in Oceanside

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Skin care in Oceanside

Skin care in Oceanside

Here at Angelic Medi Spa, we are dedicated to helping each individual that walks through our doors feel beautiful both inside and out. Run by Registered Nurse, Sonia Correnti, we do everything we can to help you to feel better about your appearance, clear up problem areas, and simply feel good. With certifications in a variety of facial and body treatments, including laser therapy, nutrition and holistic therapies as well. When it comes to skin care in Oceanside, we can offer a wide range of options, including facials, that can have you feeling fresher and looking younger than ever.

There is a different kind of facial for every type of person. Different facial treatments can target different types of cosmetic problems or have different effects based on the results that you want to achieve. We offer plenty of variety, and we have different price points for different budgets as well. Some of the facials we offer here include ViPeel, which can help improve tone, texture and clarity of the skin while also clearing acne and age spots as well as soften lines and wrinkles. There is the Orange Blossom facial fused with Vitamin-C to remove sun-damaged areas, rejuvenate your complexion and promote collagen stimulation. The Oxygenated Angel Facial is great for acne, redness, rosacea, broken capillaries and sun-damaged skin. The AMS Clinical Acne Facial involves a rigorous cleaning process that deeply penetrates the skin to cleanse the pores of impurities. We also offer Stem Cell Masks that have been clinically proven to allow the skin of the face to grow new cells and replace ones that have seen the effects of stress, sun damage and age. When it comes to skin care in Oceanside, we have it all here at Angelic Medi Spa, and all facials include a 15 minute reflexology foot massage and a hot paraffin hand treatment in a cozy, relaxed setting.

If you want to feel good about your skin again, consider looking into skin care in Oceanside here at Angelic Medi Spa.

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