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Microdermabrasion in Oceanside

You want your skin to look its best, and here at Angelic Medi Spa, we want that for you, too. But why submit to expensive, invasive surgery along with the potential side-effects and complications that are part of it? You don’t have to because of the advanced benefits that you can get from our microdermabrasion in Oceanside.

What contributes to losing the youthful and vibrant appearance of your skin? There are many factors, as you might suspect. But one that is sometimes overlooked is the dead skin that forms the outer layer. This is especially noticeable on your face. In addition to dead skin, what about sun spots, fine lines, and scars from acne? They all play their roles in causing a less than ideal facial appearance, and they are most obvious in that outer layer. There is no doubt that restoring your skin to a higher level has a positive effect on your self-esteem and your confidence. It changes how other people think of you, from your significant other to your friends; from your colleagues and clients to your employer. You’ll seem younger, more energetic, and more alive, even if no one can pinpoint the reasons why. Those are just a few of the pluses that our microdermabrasion in Oceanside makes possible. Here’s how it works: it’s a cutting edge vacuum system that removes that top layer of skin. Underneath is tighter, more radiant skin. Then your skin is infused with special topical solutions to deal directly with any skin issues you may have. And if you would like to retain the results you get for the long term, just ask about our skin care products that are designed specifically to maintain that youthful effect.

Don’t settle for skin that is any less appealing than you want it to be. Schedule a visit with us to take advantage of our microdermabrasion in Oceanside right now.

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