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Oceanside Cellulite Treatment

Oceanside Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite Removal in Oceanside

Cellulite is a major cosmetic concern for many women. As women get older, they may notice these fatty deposits growing more and more noticeable, which can make wearing skirts and shorts difficult, if not downright impossible out of embarrassment and discomfort. But we here at Angelic Medi Spa can help. With expert Oceanside cellulite treatment, you can instantly smooth the appearance of skin and regain your sense of self-confidence.

Here at At Angelic Medi Spa Skin Wellness and Laser Center we offer a variety of aesthetic skin and wellness packages cultivated by our founder, Sonia Correnti, a Registered Nurse who is Board Certified in Aesthetic Enhancement Treatments and a former member of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in NYC, specializing in stem cell collections. Beach season is a nerve wracking time of year for many. So many of us are pressured to get that beach body, but for women with cellulite, no amount of exercise can make that happen. Unfortunately, cellulite is unique to women. The way that fat is stored in women is different than men, creating a lumpy, dimpled appearance where it is located. While exercising can help you stay healthy and fit, it cannot help the appearance of cellulite – though certain treatments can. Here at Angelic Medi Spa we can offer you Oceanside cellulite treatment. With our unique cellulite reduction techniques, we can help to destroy fat cells and diminish cellulite. Using a painless and non-invasive procedure called Lipozet Plus, we achieve optimal results by using advanced ultrasound cavitation to provide outstanding, immediate and permanent results. Once you visit our spa, you won’t have to worry about wearing skirts or shorts again. You can wear that bikini with total confidence and finally feel unstressed about the appearance of your legs when the weather demands it.

See what else Sonia Correnti and her expert staff can do for you here at Angelic Medi Spa. When it comes to cellulite removal, Oceanside cellulite treatment may just change your life.

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